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9th Sofia LGBT Art Fest
1 December 2013

Celebrities support the ninth edition of the LGBT ART FEST "Take off the Mask”. Take off the mask because we are there for you, show your true self, do not be afraid to be yourself" are only some of the messages of the 9th LGBT ART FEST, which will take place between 3rd - 5th December at the Centre for Culture and debate the "Red House."

For a ninth consecutive year the Bilitis Resource Center Foundation with the financial support of Mama Cash in partnership with the Centre for Culture and Debate "Red House", the Theater of the New Bulgarian University, and "LGBT Plovdiv," organize the LGBT ART FEST, which will take place from December 3rd to December 5th at the Centre for culture and Debate the "Red House."

Since the forecasts are not wonderful in the country and often in our hearts, the theme of the festival is “Take off the Mask!”

Famous heterosexual people from Bulgaria and abroad support the ninth edition of the LGBT ART FEST as a part of an exhibition project of Konstanca Getzova "Take off the mask". Nine Bulgarian and foreign stars and established professionals including Ben Cross , Desi Tenekedjieva, Gerry Turiiska , Vuzkresia Viharova , Dragomir Simeonov, Veselin Mezekliev , Stefan Ivanov, Daria Mitusheva and Antoaneta Petrova supported us all the name of love and the right to be happy as we are : poor - rich , boring-fun working-unemployed , creative-linear , loving and loved, or just Human beings.

During the official opening on the 3rd of December at 18:30 in Pesha Nikolova hall you can also see the artistic interpretations of Yasen Zgurovski , Petya Savova, Konstanca Getzova, Agnes Boes and others.

With the wholehearted support of the NBU theatre at 21:00 on the 3rd of December (free admission) in the Red Hall you will be able to see and be a part of the groundbreaking improvisation "Playback Reloaded", led by Tony Petrova and Sybilla Seraphim.

On December 4 at 19:00 in the Red Hall, you can see " La Ronde " (free admission) , production of Delyana Maneva, directors Dr. Asya Ivanova and Dobriela Popova. This is a radical and postmodern version of Werner Schwab on Schnitzler's play, which lowers the grotesque masks of the roles that we are forced to play , paradoxically comic roles and situations of everyday life. Ten social roles, ten bodies, ten gender battles, ten sexual acts. What drives us? The impulse for self-realization or the unconscious impulses of our bodies?

With the support of LGBT Plovdiv at 20:30 am on December 4th in the Red Hall you can watch Short films (free admission). "Diary of a Heart" (El diario de un corazón), Spain, 2008-In the eighties of the last century, ten year-old Rachel lives with her conservative family. More than 15 years later after the death of her parents, she returned to her birthplace to recall indelible feelings and events that will make you look at life from a different angle.

“One on One” (One on one), USA, 2010- students from the University of Texas at Dallas kiss in a public place ? Unthinkable for Trevor. He would not like to be labeled “gay " even if it hurts his friend Alex. After a basketball game, Alex asks Trevor to enroll in a dance course. Trevor does not want to participate in things considered typically female because it adheres to the traditional notion of male behavior. But things are slowly changing. This is a short film about masculinity, relationships with others and compromise in a homosexual relationship.

"In your hands" (A les teves mans), Spain (Catalonia), 2010 Foundation "Enllaç" The experience of the elderly is one of the most valuable in our society. This film will show LGBT people in the third age. It addresses their struggle and all they have achieved for the generations to come. On December 5th at 19:00 in the Red Hall you will become part of the magic of Anna Pampulova’s dance theater "Pla Ce Bo" ( free admission ), which will show us how the world of others cannot save us from our inability to communicate with them , how to overcome our inner boredom by immersion in a sea of collective activities are kind of imitation of our inner dialogue through contacts with many people. This is a performance about substitution and imitation of individualism that turns more uniform thanks to our rigidity in a highly technological world.

The festival will end with an art workshop "Reveal your colors" from 20:00 to 22:00 in Pesha Nikolova hall where using color, movement, rhythm and image, we will try to take off the masks we put on for the outside world and find our inner source of creativity, light and harmony, while having fun. Each of us is unique with his/her colors, shapes and styles, but often the moral framework of society and we insert ourselves into conventional "molds" that supposedly make our lives easier. But is this so and what does it cost us?

Visitors to the festival will also be able to participate in the Amnesty International Campaign "Letter of Rights" and support the Belarusian LGBT Ihar Tsihanyuk , who was beaten by police officers after he tried to establish LGBTI human rights organization. There will be a corner with “Letters of Rights" where guests will sign Amnesty’s petition to investigate the violent act, no one has been indicted so far, and to express solidarity by writing letters directly to Tsihanyuk . This is collaboration between LGBT Arts Festival and the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee - campaign coordinator for Bulgaria. Welcome to the ninth LGBT ART FEST!
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