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see mock-ups
Description Size (pixel) max Weight (KB) Average daily impressions
Bulgarian version
Average daily impressions
English version
Price per 1000 impressions (CPM)
1 upper part next to the logo, at home page and all inner pages 728x90 60 30'000 12'000 1.50 EUR
2 upper part of the right column only at the home page 300х250 60 3'500 2'000 1.25 EUR
3 at the right column of the home page 300х250 60 3'500 2'000 1.00 EUR
4 under the navigation, at home page and all inner pages 125х125 25 30'000 12'000 0.50 EUR
5 under the navigation, at home page and all inner pages 160х600 60 30'000 12'000 1.00 EUR
6 under the content of the inner pages - news, forum, profiles, ads, etc 300х250 60 15'000 6'000 0.50 EUR
7 at the Assistant - only to logged users 300х250 60 60'000 24'000 0.50 EUR

  • The banners could be shown only at the Bulgarian, only at the English, or at both versions of the site
  • The banners could be in the following formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, Flash or HTML snippet
  • The sums are prepaid
  • The payment is by bank transfer or by credit card
  • ,
  • No VAT or other taxes or surcharges are applied to the invoice
  • The banner production is paid additionally
  • Login and password for the ad tracking system are provided to every advertiser
  • We reserve the right to reject the publication of ads that do not compply with the principles of the site
  • Discount for advertising agencies: 30%

  • How to order advertising
  • You produce the banner(s) with the respective sizes up to the respective weight for the chosen position from the mock-ups (see below). Alternatively, you order the production of the banner(s).
  • You choose a position as per the mock-ups below.
  • You choose if the banner would be shown at the Bulgarian, at the English or at the both version of the site
  • You define a budget in EUR and period in days during whic the banner would be shown. The system automatically distributes the impressions of the banner by days. For example, if you define a budget of 150 EUR for 7 days of banner at position 1, then for the whole period you would have 100 000 impressions, respectively, approx. 14 300 impressions per day (100 000 / 7)
  • You request by email the defined budget, period and the position, and you attach the banner(s) and mention the invoicing info and the snail mail address.
  • We confirm you the availability for the chosen position
  • We issue an invoice (without VAT) and send it to your email address as PDF
  • You pay the sum by bank transfer. If you pay by credit card you will receive the invoice from the credit card processor company
  • We send you the hard copy of the invoice if you request it
  • We create and send you address, username and password for the advertising system so that you could track the imressions and clicks of your ad campaigns
  • We activate your banner and it starts to appear on the site
  • You receive an automatic email when the expiry date of your campaign approaches.

  • Contacts:
    T. +359 89 9162187

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