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Lonely Planet Bulgaria (Bulgaria, 1st Ed)

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[2] Magazine is a new, gay erotic book, and an entirely new magazine experience. You're now peering through the eye of the stealthy lens, catching hot men in the act, instead of merely watching them through the peephole of a camera obscura. [2] equals twice the number of gorgeous bodies, and twice the heat, passion, and romantic possibilities. Welcome to the new frontier of gay erotica.
Save 26%!
6 Issues per year---Now Available for Delivery WorldWide!

Instinct Instinct

Instinct Magazine is America's #1 Gay Men's Magazine. A clever mix of Cosmo and Maxim, Instinct is funny, sexy, and smart, and is a new kind of gay magazine, one that does not take itself so seriously, and affords a welcome break from the politically correct. Each issue lets readers know that being gay is ok, as long as you don't lose your sense of humor along the way. The editors strive to entertain, enlighten and laugh with the readers, but never preach to them. Instinct covers entertainment, fitness, travel, fashion, and features page after page of hot guys!
Save 60%!
10 Issues per year---Now Available for Delivery WorldWide!

Advocate Advocate

The Advocate is the national gay & lesbian newsmagazine which addresses the latest issues & breaking stories shaping the lives of gay and straight America. Important stories the mainstream press doesn't get. Inside access where outsiders can't go. Save 58%!
26 Issues per year---Available for delivery WorldWide!

Men Men

Men Magazine is America s largest-selling erotic magazine for men who love men. It offers stunning nude photography of very masculine men, plus erotic fiction, video reviews and other stimulating adult features. Save 52%!
12 Issues per year---Available for delivery WorldWide!

Men's Health Men's Health

Men's Health Magazine ... because it's a man's life. Practical advice and positive steps to better living. Sex, health, fitness grooming, romance, careers, nutrition, adventure, fashion: Tons of useful stuff!
Save 38%!
10 Issues per year---Now Available for Delivery WorldWide!

Men's Workout Men's Workout

Men's Workout Magazine is the training, nutrition and fitness magazine for the active man. Features home and gym workouts geared to strengthen the physique and promote overall aerobic conditioning. Regular features include the latest in athletic fashions, active travel, grooming, a personal trainer column and new fitness products and trends. Save 33%!
7 Issues per year---Available for delivery WorldWide!

Men's Fitness Men's Fitness

Men's Fitness Magazine will help you get the most out of your workouts, and guide you to eating the right foods for your fitness goals. Get healthy, get fit and improve the overall quality of your life. Published by Joe Weider, the trainer of champions, Men's Fitness features consistently concise and expert articles that will help achieve complete physical and mental well-being, and just be a regular part of your exercise routine! Save 69%!
12 Issues per year---Available for delivery WorldWide!

Playgirl Playgirl

Playgirl Magazine is a sensual source of entertainment for modern women. Candid discussions on sex, first person adventures, diet, fitness, interviews, and frank photography of the opposite sex. Save 45%!
12 Issues per year---Now Available for Delivery WorldWide!

Freshmen Freshmen

Freshmen Magazine is the monthly erotic magazine all about young men. Freshmen provides a mix of great nude photography, fiction and other features--all with a youthful appeal. Save 52%!
12 Issues per year---Available for delivery WorldWide!

Genre Genre

Genre Magazine focuses on fashion, travel, and lifestyle issues for affluent gay men. It writes about the people and stories that are often overlooked by the general media and even some other gay publications. This magazine highlights the experiences and concerns that enrich the lives of its readers, reflects the growing diversity and interests of the gay community, and hopes to become the ultimate lifestyle resource for gay menSave 60%!
10 Issues per year---Available for delivery WorldWide!

Unzipped Unzipped

Unzipped Magazine is the newsmagazine of gay adult entertainment. Unzipped provides a stimulating mix of nude layouts, party shots, interviews with porn stars, reviews of gay web sites, videos, horoscopes and much more. Excellent guide for the consumer of gay erotica. Save 52%!
12 Issues per year---Available for delivery WorldWide!

Out Out

Out Magazine was founded in 1992 as America's first general-interest gay and lesbian magazine. Since it's inception, it has grown to become the largest in its niche, with a monthly readership of nearly half a million. Articles and features on current affairs, popular culture, celebrities, fitness, and financial advice. Save 70%!
12 Issues per year---Now Available for Delivery WorldWide!

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